complex family law matters

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De-Facto Relationships

A de-facto relationship exists if you are in a relationship with another person but are not legally married to each other, you are not related by family and you have a genuine domestic couple relationship. The Family Law Act 1975 makes provisions for de-facto relationships.

Same Sex Relationships

The Family Law Act 1975 makes no distinction based on the gender of the parties to a de-facto relationship. In the event of a same sex-relationship breakdown there may be disputes surrounding property and parenting arrangements.

Paternity Testing

There are a number of reasons for a person to request a paternity test. Some men may request it to be certain whether they are or are not a father, and some women may request it prove who the father of a child is.

International Travel

Travelling internationally with a child can become a major issue for separated parents. Whether you want to take your child overseas or you want to prevent your child from being taken overseas, the process can be difficult and complicated.