Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve been married to my husband for 20 years but our house was purchased in his name only. Do I have any rights to this property?

A: When parties are married or in a de facto relationship, the Court looks at all assets whether they are owned jointly, separately or with another person. The exact amount that you are entitled to depends on many factors. Contact us today to get specific advice about your rights and entitlements.

Q: All my money is tied up in property but I need urgent legal advice. Do you accept payment plans?

A: Yes- in cases where you have high prospects of receiving a cash settlement, we will accept payment at settlement. Many clients like to pay instalments and pay a smaller lump sum at the end of their case. We are on the Legal Aid Family Law panel and will accept Legal Aid work where Legal Aid has considered that you meet their means and merit tests. In some instances the Court will also grant Orders for the interim distribution of monies where one party is unable to afford legal fees. This could be achieved by Ordering that some funds in a bank account be distributed. Contact us to further discuss our payment options.

Q: I have been served with a Court Application for the Sydney Family Court but I live in Queensland. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! With the internet and other technologies, we can represent clients all over Australia and even internationally. We can conduct conferences with you via telephone or skype and we can email or post documents to you for signing. Contact us today to arrange your first telephone consultation with one of our solicitors.

Q: My partner and I have reached an agreement about our property division and the arrangements for our children. Do we still need to see a lawyer?

A: There is no legal requirement to obtain advice, however it is always advisable to do so to ensure that the agreement is fair and reasonable. It is also important to finalise your financial relationship with your ex-partner to ensure that you protect your assets from any future claim. We also strongly advise having your Agreement formalised by the Court. We can prepare the formal documents for you and have them lodged with the Courts quickly. You will not need to attend Court in this case. One benefit of receiving a formal court order is that there will be no stamp duty payable on the transfer of property. Contact us to receive a call back today.

Q: My ex-partner has taken my children and won’t return them. What should I do?

A: If the children are ordinarily in your care or if you have concerns for their safety, we can apply for an urgent recovery order which will direct the Australian Federal Police to assist in having the children safely returned to your care. We advise that you contact us urgently if you require a recovery order and we can prepare your case to be heard by a Judge on an urgent basis.